Most common injuries sustained in construction accidents

Construction work is very much in demand in the New York City area, but unfortunately, it’s one of the most dangerous jobs for workers. Certain types of injuries are very commonly sustained in construction site accidents.  We will discuss the common injuries in construction accidents and what you can do to safeguard yourself.


Falls are among the most common incidents that result in injuries on construction sites. Construction workers often have to perform their work from great heights, which puts them in more danger of falling. Often, falls happen when workers are up on a narrow beam.

Falling objects

Falling objects can certainly lead to serious injuries. A tool might fall from above and cause a concussion or traumatic brain injury. Another type of injury that can be sustained from falling objects is a broken limb. In the worst-case scenario, death can occur.

Being hit by a vehicle

Sometimes, construction work requires vehicles being used to transport equipment, dump material, or lay cement. With such large trucks, it’s possible for construction accidents to involve a worker getting hit by a vehicle or being run over by one. This can lead to common injuries in construction accidents and to severe injuries or even death.

Tool-related injuries

An injury can also occur in the construction industry as a result of extensive tool use. Workers can suffer accidents like deep cuts or even fingers being severed. It’s important that everyone who uses electric or battery-powered tools be fully trained to properly use them.


Electrocution hazards are common on construction sites as well. Many of these injuries can be serious or even fatal. It’s important to be aware of the surroundings and take note of any exposed or live wires that can be serious hazards.

While it’s not always possible to avoid construction site injuries, being more aware of the surroundings can keep workers safer. Taking precautions like undergoing all necessary training and using protective equipment can help prevent injuries.  Contact Robert P. Kelly Law for more information and to see how they can help.